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Strike a Chord Live Podcast

May 3, 2021

Bruce Pulver is passionate about the power of our words and the influence they have on attitude, mindset and the results we achieve in life.  In his book,  Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter, Powerful Words That Changed My Life Forever, Bruce shares the personal experiences and powerful examples of how to take control over the words we use.  He believes that consciously paying attention to our words and choosing how we speak to ourselves and to others absolutely controls our mindset and gets us to the results we hope for and deserve in life.  His book contains a collection of 400 consecutive days of writings that focused on a single word each day of self-encouragement and inspiration which he wrote to get through a difficult period in his life.

FB/Instagram:  Above The Chatter – Bruce Pulver

Twitter: @abovethechatter

Words are important.  They shape what we do. 

A very important word is “start.”  The premise of our discussion of the word “start” is a quote from Arthur Ashe:  “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”

Bruce prepared an acrostic using START -.

Say “what can I do”

Take an action

Ask how later, just do now

Reach beyond your belief

Then take another step. And another step. And another step

Once you start, it is important to look at incremental steps and improvements you can take.  Each increment is further away from where you started and gets you closer to the idea of “stop stopping.”

Strike a Chord Live Podcast