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Strike a Chord Live Podcast

May 31, 2021

In this episode we discuss inspiring the youth and being inspired.  Whether you are 40, 55 or 75, the same principles apply.  Start now and start big.  You will not achieve anything unless you start by putting one foot in front of the other.  

Jonathan teaches Orchestra in the Escambia County Florida Schools.  He starts them young and teaches the love of music while the kids are young . . . 4th grade.  But more importantly than music, he teaches the youth valuable lessons about life:

  • Practice. 
  • Hard work.
  • Learn from your mistakes. 
  • Take on step at a time.
  • Get better. 
  • Practice again. 
  • Hard work again. 
  • It won't come easy.  

Again, these lessons can apply to anyone, regardless of age or status.  There are no overnight successes and in order to achieve anything, you will need to apply these principles moving forward.  We don't care if  you are 95  . . . learn from these principles and get moving.

Jonathan is also a Rock 'N Roller and has assembled many bands over the years.  Additionally, he has played with Yo-Yo Ma, The Moody Blues and Harry Connick, Jr.

We discuss forming positive habits and how this will impact the rest of your life . . . regardless of where you are starting from.


Mark Ellis and Collin Harbour, Co-Hosts