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Strike a Chord Live Podcast

May 14, 2021

Seth.Godwin of TikTok is our very special guest.  Seth is a “Finance Content Creator” on TikTok and provides useful tips and insight based on the lessons he has learned d in finance at a large financial institution and life in general. 

Mark and Collin are both old enough to be Seth’s father and decided to kick back and determine what we (i.e. the older generation) can learn from Seth (i.e. the younger generation). 

Topics Covered:

  • How and why Seth began creating content on TikTok (primarily) and a story of how a viral video can possibly change your life.
  • Confirmation that Seth makes a living creating content and “playing on the internet.”
  • Finance and Crypto Currency Stuff  . . . and NFT’s – we are not offering financial advice, but scratch the surface on these new digital trends. (Topps NFT's, Weezer NFT's, The Sandlot NFT's)
  • The importance of a schedule and daily habits:
    • Consistency is key.
    • Don’t burn yourself out – avoid fatigue.
  • What motivates the younger generation these days?  A few things:
    • Being a little put out with stuff.
    • Trying to find a voice.
    • Helping others.
  • Mark, Collin and Seth also venture into a little music talk with a couple of Barenaked Ladies stories. Podcast (Mark Ellis and Collin Harbour)

Seth Godwin (TikTok = seth.godwin)