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Strike a Chord Live Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Mark and Collin have their first “return guest” and share the mic with Bruce Pulver,  Bruce is a master wordsmith and focuses on the meaning of words by creating acrostics . . . daily.  In this session we focus on staying In Motion once you have started.  Keep in mind, starting is a huge part of the battle.  The first part of getting out of a rut is to stop digging, right?

But once you are “off the couch”, which is at the very least, BETTER than stagnation, you must keep moving. At the essence of staying in motion is momentum.  Momentum is key and will ultimately lead to success.

The "In Motion" Acrostic prepared by Bruce:

Incline from the decline of the recline.  Lift a little from the decline you experienced from being out of your groove.

Now, want to change more than you want “more of the same”.  It’s so comfortable being comfortable.  You’ve got to want that difference more than the same way that it is.

Make the decision for you.  It’s not for anyone else.  The decision to stay in motion is for you.

Okay.  No you must own it. 

To get there, you must move.  Even if it’s simply lifting your finger.

It will take working harder than ever.  When you do hard things, hard things become easier to do.

Oh, you will want to quit.  Be honest with yourself.  It’s going to hurt before you get there.  Happiness is on the other side of the struggle.

Never give up on you. 

Start and then stay in motion.

Mark Ellis and Collin Harbour