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Strike a Chord Live Podcast

May 10, 2021

This week we have Heather Ibey of Randy’s Toy Shop in Noblesville, IN and we discuss one of our favorite topics . . . Nostalgia!  Randy’s Toy Shop specializes in antique toy repair and antique toy restoration with a goal of bringing toys back to their original luster and condition. This is a big task and one that not many in the world can pull off! 

But Heather is also a motivator, a speaker and most importantly a mom. 

Reflect, Reset, Rest:

We all need to reflect, reset and rest.  How to know when you are at this stage and what to do about it.

Moving fast in life is relatively normal these days.  No one wants to slow down. Be careful.  Brick walls are around every corner.  You are going to run into them if you don’t recognize they are around the corner.

Many of us want to go 400 miles per hour – ALL THE TIME!!  But if you are always going that fast it is difficult to see the impending crash.

Take a little time every now and then to recharge.  It is important and it can provide clarity on future growth opportunities.


Life is not only about getting things done all at once.  Your goals can be achieved through incrementalism.  Take small steps towards your goal.  Move towards them each day with attainable steps.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t accomplish your goals tomorrow. 

Recognize and celebrate your achievements that get you closer to your goals – even if they are small.

Appreciate what you have:

You can't be grateful while also being hateful.

Mark Ellis, Collin Harbour